Choosing The Best Puppy Pad Training Spray: Complete Guide

Having a puppy is one of the best feelings that you can get.

First of all, congrats on becoming a pet parent!

Secondly, you have to make sure that the puppy feels best and at utmost comfort in your house.

They are the most faithful, loyal, and friendly pets who can be trained easily. Among all the training, puppy potty training can be the hardest. If you have puppy pads already and thinking about how to make the train to pee or poop there, then you are not alone here.

Many puppy owners worry about the same. The perfect solution for this is the best puppy pad training spray. To know more about how to choose the best spray and how they can be beneficial to your pups, read on!

Why Use The Spray?

The pad training spray is a temporary solution for training the pups to know the exact location for potty and pee. Potty training is one of the most important parts of training your pups. You have to make sure that they know the right place where they should poop or pee.

Puppy pads are the best way to train your puppies because:

  • They are cleaner than using the litter boxes
  • These can soak up all the urine
  • It is easier to throw the trash without creating a mess
  • Some pads can also eliminate the odor

But how will you make your pup’s pee or potty on those pads? You can get the best training sprays that are available to make your pups attracted towards the pads for potty and pee. These training sprays can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

Here are some of the reasons for using the puppy pad training spray:

Reason 1: Avoid Urine and Potty Smell

If your pup is not well-trained, then it will tend to urine anywhere they want or feel like. Dog urine can leave a yellowish stain or spot on the floor and wall. Along with that, it can also emit an intolerable odor all over the house.

In order to avoid that, you have to make your pup choose the right spot i.e. the puppy pads for urinating. This will help you to avoid the urine and potty smell in the house.

Reason 2: Clean and Mess-Free

Having a puppy and a clean or mess-free house is like a dream! You will know it if you have a pup. To make sure that you have a completely clean and mess-free environment in your house, use the pad training spray.

These sprays will help you to attract your pup in the specific area over the pad to poop or to pee. Hence, your pup will not poop or pee in other places around your house.

Reason 3: Perfect For Potty Training

The most important reason for using the pad training spray is to train your pup for pooping and peeing on the pad. If you keep the puppy pad and ask the puppy to pee or poop on it whenever it is needed, they will not understand it. You have to make sure that they get attracted to that puppy pad.

Using these sprays will help them to get attracted to those pads and pee or poop on them. This spray is perfect for training as your puppies will know the spot where they should pee or poop. Once they get accustomed to the system, they will naturally go over to the pads whenever needed.

Reason 4: Safe For Puppies

You can rely on the puppy pad training spray without worrying at all! Most of the sprays are safe for the puppies. These sprays can create a smell similar to that of the soil and grass that can attract the puppies easily.

This will help you to train them efficiently to choose the right spot or place for peeing and pooping. They are formulated with safe ingredients that are completely puppy-friendly.

How to Choose the Best Spray?

There are many options available online from where you can pick the best and most efficient pad training spray for puppies. In order to choose the best spray, you have to consider some of the important factors.

These are:

  • Right Formula:

You have to make sure that the puppy pad training spray you choose has the best formula which can successfully encourage the pets to eliminate where you want them to do it. The formulas can vary from one spray to another.

But you have to make sure that the formula is safe as well as useful for attracting the dogs. Not all formulas are helpful. So, make the decision wisely checking all the reviews and detailed formulation.

  • Easy to use

You need to select a spray that is easy to use anywhere and everywhere. It is also better to choose a spray which is travel friendly. So, you can carry the spray anywhere you are going to make your pup eliminate in the specific area that you want.

Convenience, definitely, plays a very important part. Make sure that the spray you choose doesn’t emit too much or too less amount while spraying.

  • Sustainable and Safe Ingredients

Before buying the pad training spray for your puppy, it is very important to check the ingredients’ list. The ingredients must be safe and sustainable in nature. Hence, it will be safe for the animals as well as for the environment around you.

There are many cruelty-free, eco-free and sustainable sprays available in the market that can be quite useful to you.

Choose the right spray with the preferred net amount. The size and the bottles can vary but the spray pump must be convenient for you to use.


Puppy training can get easier and stress-free with this puppy pad training spray. All you have to do is to buy the best spray and spray it on the puppy pads. Once the puppy uses the right place to eliminate, reward them with a treat.

Continue this for a few weeks and months unless and until your pup is well-trained for urinating and pooping. You can also carry these sprays with you while traveling or even when you take your pup for a walk to spray on the particular spots where you want them to eliminate the waste.

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