How to Train Your Dog to Poop Outside

When you bring a pet dog home, you have to expend a lot of effort and time to adjust the routine of your pup to its new surroundings in your house. One of the biggest problems new puppy owners face is potty training their pup. At the beginning most will tend to poop inside the house….where else are they to go?

They know no better…

New owners will scour the internet high and low searching for solutions to this most common problem. They want to know why the puppy won’t poop outside on its own accord. Thus, we have done you a little favor and compiled some tips that will help you train your pet to poop outside of the house.

Once and for all…

Know Your Breed Requirements

If you are dealing with a pet like the puppies, you have to know details about the breed. Some breeds are larger. They have more capacity to store the poop as compared to the small breed.

It means that larger breeds need to go to poop less frequently as compared to the smaller ones. In the case of small breeds, the capacity to retain the poop is less so the frequency of pooping is higher. If you want your puppies to poop outside, you have to know the frequency of the specific breed.

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Understanding The Early Signs

When the puppies are new to our house, they will have a problem pooping outside the home. As he is learning about the new home, you have to learn about their behavior. Most of them will give some signs before doing their work.

Some dogs will start barking while others start sniffing. It is an indication that our puppy has to go to do its business.

When you see him acting in a particular way, you can take him out of your house. You can use the same routine till he is trained to do it by himself. It is easy to understand the early signs in them. The adult dogs can hide these signs if they want.

Define the Potty Zone

Dogs act according to certain behaviors. If the pet poops or urinates at a place, it is an act of marking the area. If you have fixed a place for pooping, the puppies will come there regularly because they are attracted to the smell of their urine. They want to urinate at the same location every time.

You can use the behavioral study technique to know if your pet is looking to poop. Once you take him out of your house, choose a place so the dog can use that place. The place mustn’t be reachable to other dogs. They will remember the area as a bathroom once you have made them follow the routine.

Having Patience With Your Puppy

Patience is the key to training the puppies. You may need to take your puppy out of your home for a long time. It can take up to two weeks for the dogs to adjust to a new routine. You are going to see the results after some time.

At the start, you only have to give full efforts to train them. Some people take the pet out of your house for a few days and lose hope after that. It is not the right thing because you have to keep a consistent routine to train your dog to go out of the house.

Fix a Routine

Routine is everything in a dog’s life. If you want your puppies to behave well, you should fix a time for everything. It is better to fix the time for eating. You can give several meals per day for the dog. The timing for each meal should be fixed.

When you fix the time for eating and exercising, the time of booking will adjust automatically. Most of the dogs defecate within an hour of taking their food. Fixing the routine will help you make your puppy defecate outside.

Use Sound Commands

Some techniques allow animals to focus on one thing quickly. Using the sound command is one of these techniques. When you want your puppy to go outside and defecate, you can use a voice command like go. You must use the same voice command regularly.

The puppies will associate the command with going out of the house and defecating. You can combine the method of behavior monitoring with the sound command. You can check when the dog is behaving in a way that he needs to defecate. You can use voice command at that time so he can go outside.

Make Corrections

Some puppies are difficult to handle. You might be consistent in training but you are not seeing any progress so far. The puppy is not pooping outside as required. You have to make corrections now. You have to observe his behavior.

When he is defecating inside the home, you can make a sharp noise like the clap. After that, you should take the dog outside of the house. When you are training your dog, you must avoid using harsh techniques. If you will force your puppy, he will hide from you while pooping. It can lead to a bigger mess.


Avoid Potty Accidents

Most of the puppies are going to have potty accidents now and then. It is fine when you are training a dog. It is not acceptable to have potty accidents when the dog is fully trained. You can avoid these accidents by examining the behavior of your pets.

Mostly, these accidents happen due to disease or stress. If you know your puppy, you can understand the condition. It will help you avoid potty accidents.

Reward Good Behavior

Rewarding good behavior is a way of training your puppies. If you give the sound command to go outside and the puppy follows that command, you should reward him with his favorite treat. You should fix a treat that you can give every time if the dog goes outside to defecate.

It can be a piece of meat or small biscuits. Rewarding good behavior is as important as stopping your dog from bad behavior. People give toys to the puppies when they go to poop out of the house. It is also a fine way or rewarding your pet.

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