6 Week Old Puppy Training

Having a puppy at home is no less than a reward. These cute, little fur creatures fill your life with so much love and happiness. But if you want your puppy to grow up into a well-mannered dog, you need to start training it from a tender age.

Usually, puppy training includes housebreaking, potty training, behavioral training, etc. Once your dog reaches adulthood, it becomes very challenging to train him. He’ll not be able to grasp the new tricks in the same way a puppy does.

So, it’s always better to train your puppies at a young age. However, if your puppy is only 6 weeks old, it would be too early to train him.

Usually, 7 weeks is considered to be an ideal age to start puppy training. But don’t be disappointed, there are some great training tips that will be very useful for a little puppy. These will prepare him for the training he’s going to receive and will help him to learn the things early.

But again, don’t keep your expectations high, give your pup some time to learn and educate himself. This article is all about the same, so without any further ado, let’s begin!

Housebreaking A 6-Week Old Puppy

The first part of our 6-week old puppy training guide is housebreaking. While this is a bit early for housebreaking a pup, you can still try it without expecting a lot from your pup.

Generally, little pups can’t hold their pee for more than 3 hours. The rule is, a small pup can hold his urine at a rate of one hour per month of his age. So, if you want to train him, you should take him for a short walk every hour, preferably outdoors where he can release his urine.

This will give him an idea that he should go out for urinating. Again, don’t expect him to fully housebroken. Also, if you forget to take him out and if he’s not able to hold his urine for longer, be ready to clean the mess.

Don’t blame the poor pooch for this behavior, be patient as he’ll learn the things slowly. Also, if your pup doesn’t have any house accidents for straight 4 months, you can consider him house trained.

As a general rule of thumb, each time your puppy fails, the 4-month rule gets renewed. So, keep teaching your puppy and he’ll soon be a good boy.

Useful Potty Training Tips For 6 Week Old Puppy

Potty training is one of the biggest challenges faced by pet owners, especially when they have very little puppy at home. First and the most important thing is, you have to stay patient with small pups as they are in very tender age and will take time to learn.

If they have a house accident, don’t yell at them or punish them, it will be too inhuman. They are just like human babies, you’ve to treat them with love and care.

Coming back to potty training, a good idea is to create a very comfortable and clean living space or a “den” for your little pet and train him to stay there. The reason behind this is the nature of dogs, they don’t prefer soiling their beautiful den.

So, prepare a crate with a comfortable blanket and a couple of soft toys and place your pooch into it and pet him very nicely while introducing him to his new place. A good idea will be to treat him once he’s inside his crate.

Put him in this crate multiple times during a day and follow by loads of petting and praising. The best duration for keeping a puppy in a crate during his training period is about two hours. In this way, he will learn that the crate is his “den” and hence, will not make it dirty.

Now, to establish a potty routine, take your puppy out of his crate every two hours and take him for a walk. Here are some useful potty training tips you can follow :

  • Take your pup for a walk immediately after he wakes up in the morning, during the day, and after his meals.
  • Take your out on a potty tour before his bedtime.
  • Avoid feeding him a few hours before his bedtime and also limit the water intake.
  • ¬†Make sure to leash your pup while taking him out for a potty break and don’t leave him alone while he takes a dump. Instead, praise him every time he poops outside. This will give him an idea that he’s doing the right thing and thus, he’ll continue doing so.
  • Hang some bells on your puppy’s crate or the door handle and ring them whenever you take him out for a potty break. Your puppy will learn to ring these bells whenever he feels like having a potty break. For this purpose, hang the bells at a low height so that he can easily ring them using his paws or face.
  • Use the same door for taking him out to potty every time.
  • Take to the same spot for potty so that your pup learns that it is a potty area.
  • Praise your fur baby and treat him whenever he does the right job.

So, this was all about the housebreaking and potty training a 6-week old puppy. As far as the basic training is concerned, try teaching good habits to your pup through verbal commands and treat him every time he learns something new.

For more in-depth training, you have to wait a little longer till he completes his 7 weeks. Till then, you can try the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

Also, note that a puppy has a very short attention span just like a human baby. So, don’t try to teach several things at a time otherwise he will not be able to remember anything. A good idea is to teach one thing at a time, multiple times a day followed by a reward or treat for successful completion.

Be patient and train your pet with loads of love and most importantly patience without expecting too much!

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