Puppy Teething Ring: A Toy for Chomping On

A puppy loves to chew. Therefore, give them something good for their teeth. A good puppy teething ring can give your pet chews and help reduce tartar, plague, and even bad breath. To keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, you must include dental chews.

When puppies experience teething, they would chomp on anything that comes within their range. Providing puppy teething rings gives your pet something soothing and safe to chomp on. Also, that’s more appealing than your favorite shoes.

A puppy teething ring helps them stay engaged, active, and out of trouble.

What Are Puppy Teething Rings?

Puppies need to chew. That’s because it satisfies their needs during teething. However, beyond that period, they continue their chewing activity. So, satisfy your young companion’s natural need to chew and soothe the sore gums with teething rings.

These are round-shaped chewable toys specifically designed to meet the chewing needs of your puppy.

Some of these rings have added flavor that your puppy may find irresistible. The rings have calcium to support your pet’s teeth and bones. Unlike traditional toys made of plastic or rubber, these teething rings don’t damage your pup’s immature teeth.

How Teething Rings Can Help Your Puppy?

Puppies tend to lose their teeth and enters the teething process quite similar to human babies. It means, your puppy has to go through a transition phase. It’s an uncomfortable period. Teething rings are designed to numb soreness and reduce irritation.

The rings are unique and made of soft chewable materials that won’t harm your pet. As your puppy matures, you can give them something harder and tougher. But, when they are young, stick to teething rings. It is good for their sensitive gums.

What Are The Benefits Of Teething Rings?

The benefits of providing teething rings to your puppy outweigh their costs. Here are some of them.

  • When you buy your pet appropriate teething rings, it saves your door frames, shoes, pillows, furniture, etc.
  • Puppy teething rings help to establish a positive habit because they tend to chew beyond their teething periods
  • These rings are edible and digestible specially made for all kind of puppies
  • If your puppy is having teeth pain and sore gums, the teething rings help in relieving them with a gentle massaging action
  • With irresistible flavor, your puppy would chew these rings instead of furniture or shoes
  • Most importantly, they are free from any kind of rubber, nylon, or plastic. Teething rings are crafted with calcium to support teeth health and optimal bone
  • Teething rings promote skin health and healthy brain

When Is The Best Time To Introduce Teething Rings To Your Puppy?

Baby teeth erupt when puppies reach 4 weeks of age. Now, that’s not a normal time that puppies may need toys. Between weeks 4 and 12, the deciduous (or, baby) teeth starts to erupt. During this stage, most puppies won’t need teething toys.

During this stage, puppies are weaned from their mother and shifted to puppy food.

Although the tiny teeth are sharp, they aren’t very strong. And, they can be damaged if the puppy has access to toys meant for older dogs. Between 12 and 24 weeks, many of the baby teeth start to fall off and they are replaced by permanent teeth.

That’s the beginning of the teething activity.

It is the time when puppies have to go through an uncomfortable phase. It’s the most frustrating time both for your pet and you. Therefore, it is important to choose a teething ring for your pet that can help him ease the pain from teething.

Also, the ring helps to keep your household items in good condition.

Puppy teething rings labeled for puppies should be appropriate for the particular breed of your puppy. And, it should have fun while chewing the rings. Teething rings are great for puppies because they have raised nubs on the surface of the toy.

As such, it massages the gums as the puppy plays with it.

These chewable rings are good at this age for your puppy because they are filled with treats. You can even freeze them. That way, the cold sensation helps to numb their gums and give a smooth feeling. Some manufacturers produce teething rings and they are available in a variety of designs and flavors.

When your puppy reaches around week 24, you are done with teething. After the permanent teeth pop up completely, your puppy will be more comfortable. This way, your pet would be less inclined to chew on household items.

Why Your Puppy Would Love The Teething Rings?

When it comes to choosing the right kind of teething toys for your puppy, there would be a lot of questions on your mind. How active is your pet? Do they need more personal space? Will they abstain from chewing these toys? And, many more. However, all these problems could be solved by teething rings.

That’s because your puppy would love them to their core. There are some reasons for it, though. Teething rings are soft toys specially designed for younger puppies who are yet to develop their chewing potentialities.

Any kind of hard materials intended for chewing can bring in a lot of troubles. Teething rings are the best for small breed puppies under 12 weeks.

These toys can deal with puppies suffering from anxiety and need a way out. The teething rings serve as buddies for puppies during sleeping who were taken away from their mother too young. Teething rings are soft, plush toys that won’t harm your beloved pet.

They don’t have loose plastics or dangling ribbons.

Can Teething Rings Hurt Your Puppy?

Because a puppy teething ring is built with soft materials, it won’t cause any kind of harm to your pet’s sensitive teeth and gums. Other toys can cause fractured teeth or puncture the oral cavity of your pup. If swallowed, the problem could be even bigger.

It can lead to life-threatening emergencies. But, with teething rings, you don’t have to worry about these problems.


Puppy teething rings are a great way to keep your pup from destroying household items. These are good toys for your teething puppy. And, they won’t tear or break easily.

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