Useful Tips About Beagle Puppy Training

Beagles are one of the most adorable and good-natured puppies that one could think of. They do not require too much maintenance and are generally good-natured. They are small in size and they are intelligent and are known to have a good sense of humor.

They can make good company for kids. Further, because of their nature and size, many apartments allow the keeping of beagles. Further, they don’t need any grooming. Hence, it is not surprising that they are very much in demand.

However, there are many who raise questions about beagle puppy training. This is because there is a general feeling that beagle puppies and even grown-up beagle dogs are difficult to handle as far as training and discipline are concerned.

But this is more of a myth and opinion and not based on facts. If they are trained early and in the right way, you could certainly make them good family dogs in more ways than one. If you follow the few steps mentioned below, training a beagle dog should not be a big headache.

Have Separate Areas For Water, Food, and Bathroom

This is the most important and primary part of training your beagle puppy dog. Make sure that you have a designated space for the dog to sleep, eat, and go about their business. Further, also have a designated area for drinking water, eating food and going about their excretory habits.

You could choose a pen or even a designated area in your bathroom for this purpose. Please bear in mind that beagles are curious animals by nature and they move around the entire house sniffing.

If you set boundaries for them and ensure that they follow it, you will not have much of a problem as far as food, water, and other such things are concerned.

Teach Them Simple Word-Based Commands That Are Simple

As any dog expert, he or she will talk about the importance of word-based commands. They are considered to be the best friend of a dog owner. The process of teaching, however, is pretty tough.

This is because you should make the dog understand some common words that are used on a daily basis. These could include words such as stand, sit, come, go, stay, no amongst others.

Try to make this a regular habit. It would also be a good idea to designate a specific training zone for this purpose. These training zones could be both outdoors and indoors because you need the beagle puppies to understand commands and follow them wherever it goes with you.

It would be better to start training indoors and then move outdoors. There are some important words like no and good that help in making the dog understand certain behaviors. While no will stop it from doing things that are not expected of it, good is a positive reinforcement and it will be about complimenting good behavior on the part of the dog.

Also learn to use the right tone and also keep the language consistent and over a period of time, your dog will learn these few important words.

Short and Sweet

Dogs in general and beagle puppies are not famous for having long attention spans and concentration. Therefore, it would be always better to keep the training sessions positive and short. You should try and stop the training session on a high note so that you can avoid the dog getting bored or losing interest.

Change the words each day and this will help it master the training as far as those words are concerned. For example, you could concentrate on the word “fetch” on a particular day and the next day could be on the word “come” and so on.

Make Sure It Gets the Right Exercise

Beagles are active dogs and they would like to be outdoors, move around, run and play. Ensure that you give them the right exercise. This is important because it could help stimulate the brain and could also help avoid misbehavior or bad manners as dog owners would like to name it.

Please bear in mind that walking helps quite a bit in stretching the muscles and also improves the functioning and strength of the muscles and joints. It is a natural way for puppies to release their natural energy.

If you are walking a puppy, it would be better to stick to the basics. These include a light jog and a brisk walk.

This might look tough during the first few weeks or even months, but as a dog owner, you should be at it so that your beagle puppy gets enough exercising and workout.

Come Out With a Suitable Feeding Schedule

Routine is important if you are keen on ensuring the right training for your beagle puppy. These include teaching the puppy the main rules of the household and it also encompasses meal time. Please keep in mind that beagle puppies should be fed small meals throughout the day.

If you are not sure about the quantity and type of foods, you could take inputs from your vet and follow what he or she says.

The Importance of Crate Training

When training a dog, understand the importance of crate training. Many people believe that it is a cruel and controversial method of training. It is not exactly cruel. In fact, there are records to suggest that dogs that are crate trained could be well behaved.

This is because they may find a reduction in separation anxiety when the master is not going to work or sleep.

Importance of Starting Housebreaking

Housebreaking is another important part of the training. The puppy will start showing some signs that might suggest that it needs to go to the bathroom. It also could mean that your pup is walking in circles or sniffing around.

When you come across such behaviors, immediately take the dog outside and allow it to relieve itself.

Consistency is the Key

Though these puppies have a reputation as troublemakers, the fact is otherwise. They are not as hard to train as one may think. It is all about consistency. It takes time and patience and you should always be aware of the same and follow it to the hilt.


To sum up, there is no doubt that beagle puppies are wonderful companies and it all depends as to how well and how thoroughly you can train them. There are many ways in which it can be done and the above few points would have given the readers some idea about some proven and time-tested tips that could help in more ways than one.

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