Things to Consider While Purchasing a Puppy Shampoo

It is extremely important to maintain the health of the skin and coat of your puppy given that these are the primary organs which help them to stay away from the invasion of foreign elements. Cleaning the coat of your puppy using puppy shampoo will be the most effective way of making sure that your pet is able to maintain the health of his coat and skin in the best possible way.

Apart from this, in case you use a puppy shampoo, it will help the pooch to appear clean while smelling great as well.

You will come across lots of puppy shampoo for different breeds on the market and this can make it quite difficult for you to comprehend which one to opt for. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some essential guidelines on how to get hold of the proper puppy shampoo which will help you to make a sensible decision in the long run.

Is It Imperative To Purchase A Puppy Shampoo?

The majority of the puppy owners are not certain whether they will require a puppy shampoo or not. However, the reply to this will be in the affirmative. An adult dog, depending on the breed, might feature single or double coats which can be quite thick.

Nevertheless, puppies feature fluffier and softer fur which develops just like a single coat, and for this, they require a special shampoo designed for their fur. As a matter of fact, puppy shampoos have been formulated to match the requirements of fluffy and soft fur of the puppies.

According to some vets and dog owners, it is possible to use shampoos intended for adult canines on puppies; however, it is always imperative to verify whether the adult dog shampoos have been formulated for satisfying the requirements of the fur of your puppy.

It must not consist of any harmful ingredients and it should not likewise be a medicated shampoo.

Can Baby Shampoos Be Used?

Baby shampoo is another kind of shampoo which is important to consider whether they can be safely used on a puppy. It will be possible to safely use the baby shampoo on the puppy in case it has been made from natural ingredients and does not consist of any chemicals.

As compared to puppy shampoo, baby shampoo is usually more inexpensive; however, it is imperative to verify the ingredients before purchasing to make sure that it is safe. The skin and fur of a pooch is more alkaline as compared to that of a human which is usually more acidic.

For this reason, human shampoo should never be used on a puppy by any means.

The skin of humans is more acidic as compared to that of your dog and human shampoo has been formulated to work with human skin. In fact, the alkaline skin of a puppy requires a special shampoo. In case human shampoo is used on the puppy, it might lead to itchiness, redness, and soreness which can cause wounds that can be scratched by the puppy leading to infection in the long run.

Selecting The Proper Puppy Shampoo

You need to consider several aspects while selecting the appropriate puppy shampoo. The most essential thing is that this shampoo has been made for puppies and not for adult dogs or humans. The things to consider are as follows:

  1. pH Level

As mentioned earlier, the skin of a puppy is more alkaline than that of a human which is more acidic. Because of this, it will be improper to use human shampoo on the puppy. The skin of an adult dog is somewhat more acidic as compared to that of a puppy, and therefore, it will be imperative to make certain that the puppy shampoo’s pH Level is correct and more alkaline.

  1. An Absence Of Any Artificial Ingredient

It is a fact that you will not go for any product with artificial ingredients for your own infant, and it is just the same while selecting products for your puppy. Artificial ingredients might affect the skin of your puppy in an adverse manner since their organs and bodies are not that developed.

It will be advisable to avoid using artificial fragrances as well as coloring along with products including formaldehyde, phthalates, isothiazolinones, parabens, as well as nitrosamines.

  1. Natural Fragrances

While washing your puppy you will like them to smell good later on. Nevertheless, a puppy shampoo with lots of fragrances is going to be artificial, and it will be prudent to avoid it since it can harm your puppy in the long run. In case you like your pup to smell good after bathing them, make sure to go for national fragrances like eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, and rose.

You will definitely come across a substitute for an artificial fragrance which will enable your puppy to smell nice and will also not do them any harm whatsoever.

  1. Skin Protective

The skin of your pup has the potential to safeguard itself by the secretion of natural oils by means of the skin cells onto its surface. On most occasions, you will like to have a shampoo that will be able to cleanse your puppy without interfering and washing off the natural oils.

This can be best performed by a natural shampoo consisting of ingredients like vitamin E, oatmeal, and aloe vera which are actually natural skin protectives. All these ingredients will help to safeguard the skin as well as the coat of your pet in the best possible way.

  1. The Overall Health of Your Puppy

It might be possible for your puppy to have some specific skin ailments which have to be taken care of by the shampoo, and therefore, it is imperative to consider the overall health of your pet prior to purchasing it.

Although puppy shampoo for different breeds is actually formulated for the sensitive skin of the puppies, you will also be able to find shampoo for other skin conditions like fungal infections, seborrhea, allergies, and macrobiotic infections as well. In case you are not sure regarding which shampoo to opt for, make sure to consult the vet.


It is imperative to bathe your puppy from time to time, and a puppy shampoo will be the simplest and safest way to get the job done. It is important to look at the pH level of the shampoo which you are purchasing for your puppy and it also must not contain any artificial ingredient.

Hopefully, the guidelines mentioned above will help you to get hold of the most appropriate shampoo for your adorable puppy.

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