Putting Together Your Puppy Starter Kit

If you have decided to buy yourself a new pup or even adopt one, Congratulations! Adopting one is a great deal for an abandoned pup, and there is no denying that dogs make a person’s life happy and exciting.

Those pet lovers who are already an experienced pup-dad or pup-mom are quite acquainted with the requirements of having a dog. But for some of us, there is a chance of forgetting the nitty-gritty of having a new furry buddy.

Do not worry, we have found a way to save your money and time by providing you with the puppy starter kit.

What Is A Puppy Starter Kit?

Pet retailers either online or in the pet shops are now providing almost everything that your pup will require, all in one big box with major discounts. This is both convenient, inexpensive, and time-saving.

Additionally, the starter kit does all the heavy work by offering everything in a box. It is extremely annoying when you think you have bought everything and you come home to find that you have forgotten to buy that one main item your dog needs.

In this article, let us explore all the necessary things that your furry baby needs, especially when he arrives at your door. We are putting together your puppy starter kit for your convenience.

Puppy Food

If you have brought a pup home, you definitely want to give him the best possible life. And it starts with premium quality pup food. Try feeding him quality dry food that is specially made for your growing dogs.

But this is not as easy as it seems. There are several dog food brands on the market and choosing the best one can be quite challenging. No need to worry, all you have to is go through the ingredients.

First things first, look for real meat in your dog food. This means it has no unidentified meat or by-products. Do not feed foods containing corn, soy, or wheat. These cheap fillers lack nutritional value and they have no benefits for the growing pups.

Also, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your recipes.

Kennel and Crate

Buy a suitable size kennel for your puppy. They are great for transporting them from one place to another. If you have a larger breed, get an expandable kennel.

What is important to remember is that while buying a kennel or a crate for housetraining, the pup may require enough space to move around, stand up, lie back or turn around comfortably. If you buy a big kennel for your small pup, they will get room to do their business right at the corner or back and sleep in the front.

On the other hand, if you buy a small kennel for a big dog, it will not be comfortable and they may not enjoy staying in.

Leash and Collar

If you want to keep your dogs under control, the leash and collar are the right instruments to help you. You need to fit these correctly to avoid escaping. The collars or harnesses are adjustable and so they expandable as the dogs grow in size.

You can also get combo deals that include both the leash and the collar together and you can also buy them separately according to your taste and preference.

Toys, Treats, and Chews

Puppies are like children. They require toys and treats too. And sometimes, as dog-parents, you would also like to keep your dogs busy, wouldn’t you?

There are hundreds of toys, chews, and treats available on the market. Dog toys vary in textures from nubby, ropes, soft, etc and they are made keeping in mind the size of the dog.

An excellent choice for larger breeds such as Huskies and Labs is the Kong toys. They work amazingly for aggressive dogs who are chewers and need heavy-duty items.

The same thing applies to treats and chews. Before buying the toys, size them appropriately for the dogs to make sure that the toys do not pose to be a danger to their health.

Water and Food Bowls

It is quite obvious that your puppy will require his own water and food bowls to drink and eat from. You can use any water bowls either made from plastics, ceramic or stainless steel. Keep in mind that the bowls are not too deep because small puppies may find it hard to reach the water level.

Get an appropriate size for them and replace it when they grow up.

If you are going to have a big dog, you may start with a small food bowl and when your pup grows up, replace the bowl with a larger one. Puppies may find it hard to eat out of a large food bowl. So, let them enjoy food from small bowls.

Training Pads

Just like children, puppies also have accidents and there is to be worried or alarmed. This is why you need pee-pee pads in hand. They are extremely absorbent. They lock the urine in and does not leak. They are generally available in various sizes and the number of pads also vary based on the breed you have.

Various Grooming Items

Doggy toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, and toenail clippers are some of the necessary grooming items you will require for your dog to be healthy.

Start with the grooming process when your pup is still young since they need to be accustomed to the routine. Make sure that they are not scared when you groom them. It may cause them trauma and have an adverse impact on their emotions and psychology.

Pillows, Beds, and Throws

Some people love to keep their puppies like their children, on their furniture. But it is good to provide the dogs with their own bedding and sleeping spot. This gives both, the parent and the pup, some privacy. There are different varieties of pillows, beds, and throws, made of different materials.

So, buy according to your taste and the needs of your pup.


You may include more items in the puppy starter kit – sterilized bone, grooming brush or slicker brush, small blanket for your pup, a bib, heartworm medicines, and a dog tag for identification.

These kits are excellent for those who are getting themselves pups for the first time and they are money and time-saving too. Different brands have different kits. So, be aware of the items before choosing one.

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