The Best Puppy Breeds For Families

Sweet, loyal, and protective, dogs are the most beloved pets on the planet for a reason. Canine companions love their human owners unconditionally. Their loving nature makes them the perfect domestic pets that thrive in family environments. However, not all dogs are the same in terms of temperament and care.

Below, we have compiled a list of the ten most family-friendly dog breeds that will ease your search for a new puppy.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are the ultimate family dogs, incredibly sweet, loyal, and patient. Due to their even temper, they will make great cuddle buddies for even the smallest humans in your family. Aside from being good with small children, golden retrievers make for excellent comfort and service pets.

These affectionate creatures are very active and would love nothing more than to play a game of fetch with their owners. Care wise you need to brush these majestic beauties twice weekly to maintain their lush coats. If you are looking for a fun-loving yet obedient puppy, this is the best pet for you.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are easily the favorite dog breed worldwide. A top choice for family dogs, the labs earn their popularity rank because they are loving, reliable, and devoted pets. Labrador pups are also incredibly smart, which makes them easily trainable. Due to their patience and playfulness, labrador retrievers are an excellent match for children and other animals as well.

This breed is also highly active and needs a lot of space for running and playtime. Swimming is one of their favorite activities, as well as spending time with their family. These pups have short coats, which require a weekly combing session, and they tend to shed a lot.


The Newfoundland breed is known for its sweetness, devotion, and love for children. With a sweet nickname like “Nature’s Babysitter,” these gentle giants will win over the affection of all family members. Kind-tempered and patient, this large breed is highly suited for families that have the space to keep an energetic dog. Their long coats require regular grooming as they tend to shed excessively.

These well-behaved companions are also great swimmers that have saved lives in dangerous situations. They are very task-oriented, which means they love a challenge that can keep them occupied.


Poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds you can find. They do very well with training and quickly pick up any rules and boundaries you set out for them. These proud beauties are pretty easy going and caring, which makes them excellent family pets.

Since poodles don’t shed a lot, they are the perfect pet for children with allergies. There are standard-sized poodles, but also smaller breeds, so you can make your choice based on your living situation. Both smaller and larger poodles are kid-friendly, obedient, and playful.


With their drooping ears and pleading brown eyes, beagles make for adorable pets. This relaxed breed is at their happiest when they are tracking an appealing scent. Their small size and docile temper make them marvelous family dogs. The beagles were bred as scent hounds to hunt small animals like rabbits and hares.

However, nowadays, you will find plenty of these puppies living as furry companions for kids and adults. When it comes to training, they can be a little stubborn, but they make up for it with their merry disposition and loving nature. They shed quite a bit, so their furs require regular upkeep.

Irish Setter

With stunning red coats and playful energy, the Irish Setters are great at spreading joy and positivity in their midst. This gorgeous breed loves the company of people and pairs well with energetic children. An Irish Setter puppy is great for homeowners with yards, and they will also love greeting new people that visit your home.

These smart puppies are easy to train, and they hate being alone. An energetic puppy, such as an Irish Setter, is an excellent choice for families with an active lifestyle. Their long coats need regular grooming and brushing.

Border Collie

This particular breed of Collie has a very gentle demeanor and gets along great with children. The Border Collie is highly intelligent and easy to train, which makes it a splendid choice for families that have little experience with dogs. As a predictable breed, collies rarely misbehave and love to please and protect their family.

They love tasks and activities that keep their intelligent minds occupied. With their high levels of energy, they need to lead an active life to remain happy and stimulated. To keep their long coats in top shape, they require regular grooming.


Armed with patience, bulldogs are your best bet if you’re looking for a pet for kids. Their sturdy build makes them an excellent companion for your child, as well as their docile manner. Bulldogs are pretty laid-back and not as energetic as other dogs.

They have earned their reputation as excellent family dogs due to their ability to form strong bonds with children, but they also get along with other dogs and pets. Bulldogs are also pretty adaptable and comfortable in both large and small living situations.

The only downside to bulldogs is that they require high maintenance, such as teeth cleaning. On the other hand, their coats need minimal maintenance.


People-oriented and charming, pugs are great for families with children. These small dogs do not need a big backyard but can live comfortably in a big house or a small apartment. Perfect for families with a laidback lifestyle, the pug breed will make a great addition to your relaxed family nights. They do love their beauty sleep, sleeping an average of 14 hours per day. Pugs are very observant and quick learners, which makes them highly trainable. They mix well with other animals and require small amounts of maintenance, such as regular brushing.

Each of these breeds has its unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Choosing the right puppy for your family will depend on your specific priorities, whether that is low maintenance, high energy, or a friendly demeanor.

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