Best Puppy Training Books

Reading books is an amazing way of learning new things. We consider that we can learn a language or literature using books but some of these can help you in your daily life. Training your puppy can be a difficult task if you do not know the right way.

We have compiled a list of best puppy training books that can help you raise perfectly.

Cesar’s Way By Cesar Millan

In the field of teaching the man’s best friend, Milan requires no introduction. He is the host of the top TV show of National Geographic Channel named Dog Whisperer. It can tell you what he needs so you can correct the problems naturally without the use of excessive force.

It can be helpful if you have a man’s best friend that is not following your order. It can also help you detect problems in the behavior as well as your behavior so of mutual correction can be made.

Training The Best Dog Ever By Larry Kay

It is one of the better pieces of information that gave a five-week program of using positive reinforcement while training the puppies. It has impressed many owners. People are amazed by the information because it has helped correct them and helped the owners teach their puppies new tricks.

It is available in many forms including the audiobook. The rating is amazing and everyone should read it if they ever want to teach the man’s best friend.

The Art Of Raising A Puppy By Monks of New Skete

It is amazing information that gives detail about new techniques of teaching. It is an amazing guide that strategically gives all the details. It is available in many different forms including the audiobook.

The main focus of the information given here is on the development stages of the puppies. It guides you about the strategies you should adopt at different development stages.

The Puppy Primer by Patricia and Brenda

It gives step by step instructions. It will not only give step by step instructions, but it will also give you hint when the training goes wrong and help you correct the puppies. It is an amazing piece of information for first-time owners as it let you know when to get help from a professional.

It is a step by step guide so you can select it if you want to teach others. You can either use the information by yourself of you can become professional and give information to others.

Dog Training Revolution by Zak George

It is available in every form you can imagine. It is fun to read and there are many steps by step sections that can help you teach him. This book specialises in caring for your puppies in the right way so he can become a well-trained.

It includes everything about puppies and adults including the training.

Lucky Dog Lessons by Brandon

It is a soft way as there is no need for or excessive force. The book also helps you make a bond. The book is fun to read and it gives a way of understanding your puppy in 7 days.

Although it looks impossible that he gets trained in 7 days but the book helps you make the bond in 7 days which makes be raining easier.

Pat Miller’s Book Of The Power Of Positive Dog Training

It not only helps you train, but it will also give you ways of teaching yourself so you can handle the situation. Some charts are available so you can track the progress. If you are new, It can help you as it will let you know your weaknesses.

Pat Miller believes that his a way of teaching is better and other ways should not be adopted.

Decoding Your Dog By American College of Veterinary

Other books are based on the experience of the people. It goes to the scientific approach to train. It explains deep systems like how they communicate and why they do certain things. It can be an amazing book if you have less experience.

There are certain parts of the book that are extremely valuable. Some experienced trainers can also learn from them. It can be difficult to read because of the usage of many scientific terms. If you have a medical background, it will be easy to read for you.

People have explained the terms used in the book on different online forums. You can also go online and search for these terms. It will take some time but you will get scientifically proven information.

Dog Training Diaries By Tom Shelby

It gives proven tricks and tips to train. It is written by one of the famous trainers. The writer was selected as best in writers Association of America. You can live in harmony if you follow the tips given here.

If you read the information given in it on the puppy section, you can easily turn your puppies into fully trained adults. It is amazing way of knowing your dogs routine and correct it.

101 Dog Tricks By Kyra Sundance

It is a great piece of information when you want to train and teach new tricks. It is included in the list of top sellers. It will explain the level of difficulty of the trick so you can estimate how much time is required to teach about this new trick.

There are some ways given here that can help you know about the problems and troubleshoot the issue.


There are many books available in the market that can help you teach in a better way. You cannot use any way to train as you have to use soft techniques to train as well as make a bond with your puppy. You can either select one book or multiple books to learn to train your puppies.

These books will change your views to train your puppies completely and put you on a new path of success. Everyone will ask you about the secret that how you have successfully trained your dog.